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Did you know that Google now flags pages as “Not Secure” for sensitive data on sites without HTTPS while using Chrome? Google keeps ratcheting up the penalties for website owners who do not secure their sites. This adds to an ever-longer list of key topics around HTTPS, including search ranking effects and how to optimize the performance of HTTPS.


The truth of the matter is, while adoption is accelerating, most websites haven't started their HTTPS transition. Additionally, we see many of the sites that have attempted to deploy HTTPS are misconfigured. Test your Website Security and learn from Kayce Basques, Technical Writer for Chrome DevTools, in his article; Understand Security Issues.


To help website owners out, Google recently published a report on the root causes to browser warnings from 300M failure reports collected from Chrome telemetry. Learn more at When HTTPS Goes Wrong: Top Five Mistakes


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SEO is a practice that is not magic but diligence and the desire to be #1. At Azure 9 Media we offer a variety of solutions depending on the industry and the budget.

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